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Hear what our clients have to say ...


1) To help me lose weight and get it. To learn what it takes to get on board with healthy eating . 2) The trainers really care and your needs and the healthy eating. 3) What to eat depending on the time of day and the foods that are really high in sodium and fat. 4) Just look at the before and after pictures. Living proof!



1) I had been doing a lot of cardio work out on my own. But Get Fit offered me a session with them. When I did that work out I realized I needed strength training bad. I was not in as good of shape as I thought I was in. 2) What stood out, was I realized these people cared about my health as a whole. Not just a physical appearance but they care about all health issues we face. 3) Eat more meals in smaller portions and healthier choices. Stay away from evening carbs. I am pleased with the info they gave me. But results are still in the one I struggle with. (Myself) That is another story..... 4) If you desire to change, I highly recommend Get -Fit, they are able to help you achieve your goals. The staff and trainer's are more than fitness workers, they will be your friends.


1) To improve my health physically, and mentally 2) The relationship of the trainers and clients. 3) All!! To have multiple protein snacks throughout the day. No carbs or sweets after 3 pm 4) Because Get-Fit is a family that helps everyone achieve their goals and then some!


1) I hit a plateau and knew that I needed to add weight training to my workouts. 2) The trainers; plus Louis really sold me on it after my first free session. Everyone that I've worked with is awesome and really there for you. 3) I'm still working on this part. However, I have noticed I'm stronger than I was, and I can do things I've never been able to do. 4) Because the trainers are awesome. You also have someone there to hold you accountable, so you will stick with a workout regimen. Plus, they push you, so you get more out of your workout than if you worked out by yourself.

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